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Giving voice to displaced children and young people.

He is called Arian. He is sixteen years old a refugee in Nakivale refugee settlement living alone.
I met him where he works and requested to conduct an ethnographic interview with him and he accepted.

1, So Arian tell me more about yourself that you would prefer the world to know.
I am Arian, a 16 years refugee in Nakivale working as a brick layer to feed and school my brothers.

2, Sorry do you care for the brothers? What happened to the parents?
It’s a long story please.

3, Can you share it with us please?
No problem. I am living here in Nakivale with my two brothers because during the war period we got separated with my family as we were running and I only remained with the two siblings I was holding in hands from the left and the right. We came to the camp where since then I’ve never heard of them though all the efforts I did to look for them and I don’t know if they are either alive or dead. And the only family that I’m remaining with is my brothers and I’m the only person to cater for them.

4, How do you manage it alone?
It’s not easy but I do try my level best to manage it because I have no one to do it on my behalf, I’ve stopped schooling so that they can school and get fed, I am their only family here in Nakivale and they are my only. I do always thank God for having saved my us and I always pray for my parents and my other siblings to be alive and get united again in life.

There are many kids in streets here in Nakivale working days and nights because they have no parents and are catering for their siblings and life is always hard for them and they need a good support.

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