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Giving voice to displaced children and young people.

I had a childhood dream of becoming a doctor, so when we got this opportunity of conducting ethnographic interviews I wanted to learn from a medical doctor. So, I organized an appointment with a nurse who gave me one of her free days which was Tuesday. Her Name is Olgah she is a nurse working at Afya clinic in Kashojwa. It is a refugee owned and managed but supervised by the ministry of health of Uganda. Olgah have been working as a nurse for 3 years since she came in Nakivale, she holds a diploma in nursing and midwifery from Burundi. Her dream is to proceed with education until she reaches Phd and become a doctor.

There are some of the questions that I’ve asked her which increased my interest into medical science.

Do you fear death?

Yes of course, even the fire brigades fear fire just as soldiers hold guns but as well fear wars. Being a life saver doesn’t mean I don’t fear death. We all fear it and it is the reason why we save lives.

Why should someone become a doctor or a nurse?

Firstly being in medical domain is a passion because it has money and everyone can do it but not everyone who can manage it. Imagine being a nurse when you fear seeing blood or having shaking hands then you need to be a surgeon. So it’s a passion to be a nurse and being a nurse you save thousands of lives every year.

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