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Weekly Flash Contest #11: Draw a Blind Self Portrait

The week commencing June 8th (Daily Creativity prompt #56) was our eleventh week of flash contests, and our second art contest. We set the fun challenge of making a blind self portrait, where you put pencil to paper and draw your portrait in a single line without lifting it again, and without looking at the paper. It is an even harder task than it sounds! We had so much fun looking at your entries, even though there were slightly fewer than usual: perhaps our artists are shyer than we thought, and didn't want to share their results... (I know the Stone Soup team wasn't keen on sharing theirs!) We congratulate all the brave souls that put pencils to paper and sent us their portraits. We think they are great, and that everyone will enjoy comparing the beautiful lines of the portraits with the photos of the winners below. Well done to all of them, and to our two very Honorable Mentions.


Isabel Bashaw, 10, Enumclaw, WA
Zoe Campbell, 10, San Francisco, CA
Story Kummer, 13, St. Louis, MO
Olivia Titus, 11, Houston, TX
Sophie Yu, 12, Houston, TX

Honorable Mentions

Michelle Dollar, 11, Monticello, FL
Ruby Xu, 10, Annandale, VA

Isabel Bashaw, 10
Enumclaw, WA

My Mind's Eyesabel

Isabel Bashaw, 10

Blind Contour Self Portrait

Zoe Campbell, 10

Story Kummer, 13
St. Louis, MO

Self-portrait Blind Contour Drawing

Story Kummer, 13

Portrait of Sadness

Olivia Titus, 11

Olivia Titus, 11
Houston, TX

Blind Contour Self Portrait

Sophie Yu, 12

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