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Stone Soup Magazine
May 2019

Photo by Bettina Arrigoni via Creative Commons

If you’re interested in birds or you read my last post, you might want to birdwatch. It’s pretty easy to get started, but here are a few tips if you get stuck:

  • Just watch. There are birds everywhere. You just have to look outside. There will probably be some birds. If you want to know what kind of birds they are, you can just look it up on the computer or your phone.
  • Some more advanced things to do are using a field guide and notebook. A field guide can be useful if you just want a physical book to read to identify birds instead of a website or app. A notebook can be fun if you want to write down the birds you see.
  • Bird feeders, houses, and baths help you attract birds to your yard. Bird feeders are also fun because lots of birds can come to them, especially in winter when there is less food. Buy some wild bird food, and then make or buy a feeder, or just spread out the food on the ground and wait for the birds! Bird houses are cool and sometimes work. Make sure to get a good one. It’s really fun to see the parents going in and out of it, and you might even see the babies’ first flights! Bird baths are also nice because you can see the birds bathing and it’s really funny, but make sure you clean out the leaves every once in a while.
  • Binoculars are nice to have and help you see close up. It helps for identifying birds in a flock at a feeder, or just birds that are far away.

I hope this helps you get started. Good luck and happy birdwatching!

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