A Closer Look Into Nature

Look closely at the picture above and take a guess as to what it is. A banana? A rock wall? The skin of a kiwi? I asked my friends and family what they thought the photo looked like, and they were all stumped. If you look even closer, you might realize that this is a […]

Our Ocean Wildlife

Poorvi Girish, 8 (Fremont, CA) Our Ocean Wildlife Poorvi Girish, 8 When I was about 4 years old, I used to wonder in bed at night “Are oceans dangerous or is it the oceans that are in danger?” As an 8 year old, I have learned about the ocean’s alarming rates of pollution. Grown turtle […]

Outdoor School, by Diya Chakrabarti, 12

Diya Chakrabarti, 12 (Cupertino, CA) Where I live, it is usually pretty pleasant this time of the year. So, my school arranged an outdoor school to enjoy the weather and allow us to learn more about nature. Nature is so beautiful, and we need to look outside more often, and be more mesmerized by its […]