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staying at home
and being alone
my mom says it will end
but my dad says this is not the end
discussing what will happen
of something that we don’t know
nobody knows
longing for normalcy
like a curious mouse
wondering when it will end
when even a feather could break me
into microscopic pieces
that no one would notice
I am dead on the inside
just a screen to stare at
only memes to giggle at
like the sunset on the other side
going to the bathroom was never so easy
just a quick walk
to the other side of the room
and the same path that now becomes my room
my boring room
and my messy room
everything is the same
except when the broom streaks my room
from the dust and boredom
that this Covid brings through my room
when can I stop staring at initials
in front of a screen of math?
with no understanding of what is on
when no one believes that we will be free
of the sorrow and worry
that this brings

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