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As I walk in the doors of Kung Fu Tea, located in Brookline, Massachusetts, the scent of my favorite drink, bubble tea, floats into my nose. I step up to the counter, where a nice cashier greets me and asks me for my order. I crave Kung Fu milk tea with boba and mango popping bubbles. Cashiers at this location usually make it in under a minute and a half, and I usually don't have to wait very long to get my delicious drink. The cashier gives it to me and says “Have a nice day.” Then I sit down on one of the fluffy chairs, and enjoy my boba tea. The milk tea is a perfect mixture of milk and tea, and delights my taste buds. The boba is soft and gooey on the outside and firm on the inside–just the way I like it. The mango popping boba’s thin gelatin exterior comes off, and the mango juice inside explodes in my mouth.

So many images appear in my head when I think of bubble tea. But what is it? First, the milk tea normally consists of milk, black tea, and sometimes fruit. The bubbles are made by mixing tapioca starch and flavoring together, rolling the dough into small balls, and simmering in a pot of boiling water. The mango popping boba is mango juice with a thin and easy to break gelatin exterior. Aside from all that, bubble tea is also the most amazing and sweet drink ever created. People in Taiwan, the place of origin for bubble tea, certainly know how to make a delicious drink.

As I’m sitting in the shop, I research how Kung Fu Tea began. Kung Fu Tea’s website describes its values as patience and expertise. Kung Fu Tea explains, “With the Kung Fu spirit (and the principles that it involves), you can achieve mastery in your careers, hobbies, personal lives, and more. Keep this in mind: without the struggles, there wouldn’t be any progress.” This means that to achieve great things, people have to face their challenges. Kung Fu Tea’s quote also means that people should persist throughout hard times. Kung Fu Tea is not only an amazing destination for bubble tea, it also tries to instill important lessons about taking risks and doing your best. Their motto shows me that even if I don't succeed, it's trying my best that matters.

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