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All the smells, tastes, and feels of the movie theater do not compare to Wonka, the new chocolatey and valuable movie. I went to see this about a week ago with my grandparents, and I was very surprised that they liked it too! I never saw the first movie, and I haven’t read the book, so I was starting with a blank canvas. I got some chocolate to be in the spirit for this movie and some popcorn, both of which were necessary when watching the movie. The smell of popcorn and candy really improved the movie-watching experience, and the taste was even better. Other than being a good movie that engages all five senses, Wonka shows an important lesson of loyalty and perseverance—in the chocolate-making business and in the real world.

Willie Wonka, after moving to a new place, looks for money in chocolate sales. On his first attempt, the police shut his business down because his groundbreaking chocolate is threatening the other businesses in town.  He then gets pulled into a hotel that gives him a lot of unnecessary debt ($10,000) to pay off. The people who own the hotel give him a contract to sign, but Wonka does not read the fine print and gets charged for unnecessary things like going up and down the stairs. He decides to hatch a plan to sell his chocolate without permission and has great success. This decision shows that Wonka has a lot of perseverance and does anything he can do to continue his passion. His friends that stay at the hotel help him along the way, showing that they can be helpful in his plans.

As well as being entrepreneurial, Wonka shows great loyalty to his friends and allies. For example, in one scene, Wonka was a very loyal friend and portrayed an important lesson to everyone watching the movie. When the people in his town get very irritated because Wonka did not stop selling chocolate, the police banish Wonka from their town using a one way boat ticket to an unknown place. After he realizes that his friends are in danger, he jumps off the boat, swims to shore, and tries his best to get them out of trouble. Wonka shows that friends are more important than chocolate. 

In conclusion, the new movie Wonka is much more than a movie. It is a life lesson that everyone can use to become a better person. This movie changed the way I value different parts of my life, and encouraged me to be more loyal to the people I know. In addition, whenever I think about giving up on a task, I think of Wonka and how he persevered to keep making chocolate. A well-acted, perfectly-shot movie like this one is a must-see, and people of every age will love it. 

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