movie review

Sight, Reviewed by Philip Chen, 13

When my mother asked my brother and me to watch the new movie Sight, centered around a Chinese immigrant’s journey, I hesitated. I am usually interested in movies with fast-paced action and adventure, so my expectations of this movie were modest—I anticipated an unremarkable and uninspiring documentary. However, I acquiesced because my mother emphasized the […]

Lessons in Sweetness: A Review of Wonka

All the smells, tastes, and feels of the movie theater do not compare to Wonka, the new chocolatey and valuable movie. I went to see this about a week ago with my grandparents, and I was very surprised that they liked it too! I never saw the first movie, and I haven’t read the book, […]

A Castle in the Sky, Reviewed by Lydia Chen, 9

If you like anime, you should check out this Japanese film named A Castle in the Sky by Studio Ghibli. It is an amazing film about nature that won the Animage Anime Grand Prix in 1986. Studio Ghibli, Inc. is a Japanese animation studio based in Koganei, Tokyo. Director Miyazaki chose the name Ghibli from […]