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Mihika Sarkar Omachi, 12 (San Francisco, CA)

Artist's Note: This digital art is a human-shaped fishbowl. Fishbowls are like a cage because the fish can't go anywhere, but they also protect the fish by keeping them in water. This is like shelter-in-place because we are all separated from each other, but also we are always at home where we can be observed like fish in a fishbowl.

Reader Interactions


  1. Dear Mika,
    I am so impressed by your beautiful interpretation! More power to you and looking forward to seeing more. A big thank you to your sweet Grandma, Shukla Sarkar di (a dear friend) for sharing this.
    Pinky Dutta

  2. Loved it sweetie! You are very talented and creative.
    I also enjoyed your humanistic comment. Love you my child!
    Chhoto Mama Dadu

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