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by Tallulah Nagae, 8

Tallulah Nagae, 8
Seattle, WA

On a walk deep in the woods
I tell my mom I don't want to
wear masks anymore

The mask feels icky
from the heat of my mouth
that I am breathing

Masks do help you
not get sick but I still
do not like them

Papa and I experiment
decorating my kid masks
with heart stickers

The first day back at school
we forgot to fill out the health
form but I still got in

Entering school felt weird
and exciting seeing only half
of the old and new faces

My teacher wears a face
shield and drinks coffee
steam rises and gets it all foggy

I miss running on the grassy field
without a mask on and breathing
the fresh nature air

I want to be able to see
my friends and family
in person every day

We will be free
of this pandemic soon
if only we all believe

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  1. Tallulah,

    Beautifully written! Such thoughtful words. I’m sure you’re proud of this as you should be.
    ❤️, Tt

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