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Giving voice to displaced children and young people.

India is a very unpredictable place where unexpected things can happen. They don’t have the best road safety and have quite a lot of accidents. Sadly, that's how my moms' dad died, in a car accident. My mom was so young and didn’t understand what was happening, but she did observe something about her mother. Since her father died so early on in life, my grandma had to step up her education and decided to become a school teacher so that the family wouldn't have financial difficulties. My grandma had a tough time but covered up so that her daughter wouldn't have to see what she was going through. If my grandma hadn’t been focused on her education then they wouldn’t have been able to cope with this sudden change. One of the most important life lessons my mom learned from my grandma is to always be prepared for any situation and never be reliant on anyone.

That’s my grandma, the one who dealt with a tough situation and handled it the best she could! She can deal with any situation and handle stress just so her family has a good future. That made my mom the person she is today and she tends to tell me lots of life lessons for my better well-being. Naturally, when I was a young child and didn’t get what I would want, I would cry. However, my mom taught me that that is unacceptable because you have to work for everything you have because when you are older you don’t get free handouts. At a young age, I never cared and thought my mom was just giving me life lessons. That made me think about how many useful things my parents have told me that my generation would just call “parents nagging at their kids.”

But it's more deep, I realized that parents do that so that their kids don’t have to go through the same struggles as them when they were our age. Even though I’m not much older, I am mature enough to know that I have to work hard to deserve something I want. As I go to school and look at my generation, I can’t think of anything, but disgust because some of them feel entitled to everything they want.

This made me appreciate my mom because, from a young age, she taught me very important values in life. My mom is my savior and has taught me to cherish anything that comes along in my life and that I need to work hard to deserve anything. Sooner than later, I realized that my mom's life lessons would help me in the real world.

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