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51 years ago, my father, an ambitious software engineer, was born. From this day on, he continues to work hard and develop new algorithms for software. Countless days go on rapidly, with new technology enhancing our world to perfection. When I asked my father about when and why he became interested in software engineering, he began, “When I was a college graduate, I grew interested in software engineering because it was simple for me. After participating in a few hardware projects, I noticed that it was not easy, considering the use of physics. For me, I was good at math overall, but not in physics. And that’s why I picked software over hardware.”

He described his job as “complex” and “interesting” and believes that software engineering is just a small step of changing our world’s insight on technology.  “Throughout my 22 years of working on software engineering outside of college, I am proud of developing several new algorithms.” He said. My father chatted on, saying how he would have picked material science if he was not able to learn about software engineering during his college years. From my own experience, I used to marvel through video games to find how they were made. When I was little, I played with my nintendo switch and had to keep on inserting the game cards. Now that I think of it, the game cards could be hardware that has loads of software.

As a PHD in Electrical Engineering, my dad also took time after college to work as a TA (Teacher Assistant) at Syracuse State University and UIUC. My dad said, “I think being able to learn about software engineering is a great privilege to everyone.” He also described software engineering as a fulfilling job. My dad left me thinking about why software engineering is so important and why I should pursue a career as a software engineer. Now come to think of it, I think that software is important because software engineering involves implementing secure coding practices and incorporating security measures to protect sensitive data. Software engineering creates technological innovation. It enables the creation of new applications, tools, and systems that improve our lives, enhance productivity, and solve complex problems.

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