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Sophia Zhang, 12
Beijing, China

One Week in Novel Coronavirus Time

Sophia Zhang, 12

Day 1
Today I have class, online, and we prepare for the final exam, and then we will have holiday. Our exam was online exam– using an app to test, it is very difficult for student and teacher. Originally I will go to summer school in the holidays, but now I can't, now in the summer holidays I will with my friend go to the Neimeng grassland.

Day 2
Today I have online class, today we prepare the Chinese text, it was a little hard. Next to my home in one market one person has got it, so now we can't go to that market to buy or to play. And we all do the Nucleic acid detection.

Day 3
Today I didn't see people play in the park, and didn't see people who do not have mask on their face. All the public areas were clean and clean.

Day 4
I see an article about leukaemia, it is so dreadful, and I know the disease with the highest mortality rate is influenza, one year had tens of thousands of people dead because of it.

Day 5
I know that this year will be in the history book, and after people will read about it, it is so amazing that I can be part of history. And I was preparing for exam all day.

Day 6
I have Chinese, math and science exam today, I think it was good. I think in this time I learn that people are fragile and we need carefully to our body.

Day 7
Today I have map test, at the beginning I can't get in the website, but I go in after. I think my country will change, maybe they will like all people to do Nucleic acid detection in each month of the year.



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