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Poorvi Girish, 8 (Fremont, CA)

Our Ocean Wildlife

Poorvi Girish, 8

When I was about 4 years old, I used to wonder in bed at night “Are oceans dangerous or is it the oceans that are in danger?” As an 8 year old, I have learned about the ocean’s alarming rates of pollution.

Grown turtle on the shore of Black Sand Beach in Hawaii

Lately, scientists have noticed how this has an effect on ocean wildlife.

The 5.2 trillion pieces of trash affects ocean wildlife; it’s painful. Our world is in severe danger. So much is happening to our once peaceful mother earth.

If we do not know, we can’t understand. If we can’t understand, we can’t care. If we can’t care, we can’t love our oceans. Make a change. Our world needs it. With so much trash in our ocean, it’s nearly impossible to completely rid our oceans from it, but also impossible to ignore. We can’t get rid of all the trash but we can reduce it.

So, what can we do to stop this phenomenon called ocean pollution? We should lessen the use of plastic. With the world’s population, an ounce could count as a ton. There are a lot of things scattered around the environment that could harm many different species of ocean wildlife. Start using reusable bags. Plastic bags harm 100,000 marine organisms each year. Karate chop those plastic bottles into outer space (just stop using them, don’t actually do the former). Pretend plastic straws never existed. Use steel, glass or any other material that could be reused. Have you heard of the time when a plastic straw got stuck in a sea turtle’s nose? Do the right thing and help our earth—not doing so is like leaving your house looking like the landfill.

Change the world for the better, together.

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