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One day in my reading class we had to read Out of my Mind for homework. I took a look at the bright blue cover and the thickness of the book, and thought that I wouldn't like it because it was not going to be interesting, and it would be too long. We read the first chapter of the book in class. The first chapter of the book was really short, and it was about words. It was pretty boring. After the class I read some of the book. Five days later I had finished the book.

This book turned out to be very interesting. Out of my Mind is a book about a girl named Melody Brooks, and her life. Melody can’t talk or walk and her body is very stiff. She has a disability named cerebral palsy. In the book lots of sad things happen to her as well as many happy things. Melody needs perseverance in this book. One example is she needs to keep, and keep practice for the Whiz Kids team. Melody also is brave in this book. An example for how she is brave is she goes to Mrs. Dimming's room even though Melody is really mad and sad at the Whiz kids team kids because they abandoned her. Melody is misunderstood by most people because they think her brain is messed up just like the rest of her. Most of her teachers, doctors and other students unfortunately don’t treat her very well. They treat her from her outside and think Melody's outside is the same as her inside. She also remembers everything really well from a lump of oatmeal stuck on the roof of her mouth to the mailman who comes to the door. “Mornin’, Mrs. Brooks. How’s the baby?"

Out of my Mind is a really heart-warming story about a disabled girl. Melody is really smart despite what you see from the outside. Just like her mother said, “she has a spark. More than that-a flame of real intelligence. I just know it.” The book makes you really want to help Melody with all the trouble she has. And with the mean people (like Molly and Claire) it makes you find yourself really want to shut them up.

I highly recommend Out of my Mind by Sharon M. Draper to everyone (including other disabled people). The book is for everyone and everyone should read it. I learned my lesson to (literally) never judge a book by its cover and thickness. Just remember the next time you see another disabled person see them from their inside NOT there outside.

Out of My Mind by Sharon M. Draper. Atheneum Books for Young Readers, 2012. Buy the book here and support Stone Soup in the process!

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