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The deep green of the sea splashes in my face as I hear the roaring of the waves blank out people’s voices; the sand burning my feet as I first walk in. The shells, once home to clams and crabs, feel soft. Some young ones; rough and thick as erosion hasn’t worked its effect on them yet. As I lay back on my towel, I see aerial advertisements flying overhead, and hear the propeller whirring around. As I look into my book, a glass of cold water in my hand, I can smell the salt water of the sea, and feel the sand between my feet.

I grab my pail and shovel, dump water on the dry hot sand, scoop the now wet sand into the pail, and make a big sand castle. Now, I challenge myself to dig a pit and find some damp sand deep inside. I dig and dig, now it feels damp, I dig some more, it’s easy to clamp! I dip my feet in the water once more, and then I hear, “It’s time to go!” We pack our stuff and walk away, I know we’ll come back another day.


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