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Author's Statement

I started writing this piece as an optional assignment in my seventh grade English class. It was an end of the year assignment. In this piece, I have tried to describe some vivid memories and experiences over the one and a half years during which the COVID-19 virus has put a break on my life. The pandemic has been a turning point in my life. I still have many more experiences to gain in life but I doubt I will ever be able to forget this.

A Note from the Editor

These poems were submitted to Stone Soup blog as a 40 page collection. I have decided to publish them in weekly installments, breaking them up by the seasons Paridhi established. The artwork I have chosen to accompany each installment was not selected by the author and was originally published in Stone Soup. 

Part I

Winter 2020

A photograph of a quaint birdhouse surrounded by snowflakes.
A Glimpse of Winter (Nikon COOLPIX L830)
By Hannah Parker, 13 (South Burlington, VT), published in Stone Soup December 2019

50th Annual Day

My school, 


Its 50th year of existence. 

It’s a grand ceremony. 

Trained in Bharatanatyam 

For the past 4 years, 

Earned me 

A place in prestigious prayer dance. 

I am very excited, 

Excited but nervous. 

The aura of the heavy costume, 

The makeup, the traditional jewelry, 

It makes me weak in my knees. 

Could see the pride in my mother’s eyes 

Missing my father though 

Who is slogging in the US 

At his new job. 

It All Started

Corona Virus! 

Oh God! What is this? 

It seems to be the talk of the town! 

China comes out as the culprit 

Blamed by one and all. 

Disease, Death, Doom, 

Italy echoed of them all. 

It slowly spread its wings 

While we 

Unaware of the danger, 

Were busy writing our exams 

That passed away 

In the blink of an eye. 


News of deadly Corona 

Spreads like fire. 

US is having a bad time.

People are getting infected 

In great numbers. 

Stay home. Stay Safe. 

The new mantra. 

Unfortunately, my father is stuck there. 

With nobody beside him. 

Not even my mother, 

All alone. 

The Dilemma, The Decision 

My mother with tears flowing through her eyes. 

My father on the Zoom call. 

Me staring at grown-ups. 

Seeing them in a dilemma, 

Whether my father should stay away 

Or risk traveling to India. 


At last, 

With the Ramayana in our hands, 

A decision is made.  

Papa will be coming back  

Back to us 

Back to India 

Back to being a family. 

Oh! How I missed him not being around! 

He is back with us. 

He is safe. 


Next day,  

LOCKDOWN comes as a nightmare. 

India gets totally sealed up. 

All international flights cancelled. 

We prayed and prayed. 

God was kind to us. 

Plans canceled 

Two trips for this spring; 

Both canceled. 

I was to go to Switzerland, 

A ski trip from school. 

Was looking forward to see the heavenly beauty 

Of the mountainous 

And the cold, amazing, rich city. 

Second, to the US, 

With my parents. 

Rising cases in US! 

Corona canceled it, 

Canceled it all. 

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