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Author's Statement

I started writing this piece as an optional assignment in my seventh grade English class. It was an end of the year assignment. In this piece, I have tried to describe some vivid memories and experiences over the one and a half years during which the COVID-19 virus has put a break on my life. The pandemic has been a turning point in my life. I still have many more experiences to gain in life but I doubt I will ever be able to forget this.

A Note from the Editor

These poems were submitted to Stone Soup blog as a 40 page collection. I have decided to publish them in weekly installments, breaking them up by the seasons Paridhi established. The artwork I have chosen to accompany each installment was not selected by the author and was originally published in Stone Soup. 

Part III

Summer 2020

Sunflowers By Ethan Hu, 8 (San Diego, CA), published in Stone Soup September 2021

Spending Time 

Online studies has come with its pros and cons. 

TV serials have become our savior. 

Mythological serials such as Ramayana and Mahabharata 

Have my attention.

Various delicacies and a lethargic lifestyle 

Is what I am leading. 

Eating popcorn, nachos or anything whenever I feel like. 


Looking at the mirror 

Realization struck. 

My little belly bulging out. 

Looking out of place. 

So I started exercising. 

It is a bit boring, 

Exercising all alone, 

But my mother is always there, 

Beside me, 

Urging me to continue 

And to never stop. 

Raksha Bandhan 

Our Hindu festival, Rakhi 

Is here, 

A ceremony celebrating 

The love and bond amongst brothers and sisters. 

With lockdown not that strict, 

I am going to my aunt’s new house. 

We are going to have a grand day, 

All cousins together, 

Delicious food, numerous gifts, fun-filled time— 

What we are looking forward to. 

A Joke 

It’s my birthday today. 

I am now 12. 

Only another year before I am a teen. 

When all my cousins came, 

My mother gifted me an enormous present. 

A broad smile brightened my face—

I hastily unwrapped the gift

To find another parcel packed inside, 

And then another layer, 

And yet another. 

After opening 10 parcels wrapped, 

Inside one another, 

I finally took out my present—

A chocolate. 

We all had a hearty laugh. 


After all the fun and frolic, 

Next day, 

Came the dreaded news. 

My cousins had fever, 

COVID was diagnosed. 

The venom slowly spread, 

It trapped each and every member of the family. 

Prayers, prayers and prayers, 

They should recover; 

I hope they do. 

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