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Author's Statement

I started writing this piece as an optional assignment in my seventh grade English class. It was an end of the year assignment. In this piece, I have tried to describe some vivid memories and experiences over the one and a half years during which the COVID-19 virus has put a break on my life. The pandemic has been a turning point in my life. I still have many more experiences to gain in life but I doubt I will ever be able to forget this.

A Note from the Editor

These poems were submitted to Stone Soup blog as a 40 page collection. I have decided to publish them in weekly installments, breaking them up by the seasons Paridhi established. The artwork I have chosen to accompany each installment was not selected by the author and was originally published in Stone Soup. 

Part IV

Autumn 2020

Squash Fest
Squash Fest (acrylics) By Taeyi Kim, 11 (Seoul, South Korea), published in Stone Soup November 2020


My cousins completely recovered. 

It was celebration time. 


The joyful festival of crackers and light, 

Came as it had never come before. 

It came slowly 

Bringing joy to everyone, 

But it was not the same as before.

There were hardly any crackers 

And I was not allowed to meet my cousins 

Since they had just recovered, 

Recovered from the effect of the venom. 

Life Continues 

Life was crawling back to normal. 

Online schooling, TV, exercise, 

Became the mundane routine. 

I had started missing my friends, 

Who seemed so close during online schooling, 

But yet were so far. 

Shirdi Trip 

As time was slowly passing, 

Boredom set in. 

My parents were frustrated by staying put at home. 

So we decide to take a road trip to Shirdi, 

In the outskirts of Mumbai. 

We meticulously planned everything, 

Keeping the lockdown rules in mind. 

We were excited on the day of the trip. 

After visiting the magnificent temple, 

We took a tour of the entire city. 

I learned that the place was famous for guavas 

And my grandmother went berserk buying in bulk. 

My father was anxious when we returned. 

If anyone fell ill, 

A dragon would eat his head. 

Fortunately, the trip was a grand success. 


It was fun. 

We had a lovely time together. 

But now, 

We are going to relax. 

For the last week of December. 

This trip did us good, 

And I am starting to prepare 

For the final exams in March. 

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