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Author's Statement

I started writing this piece as an optional assignment in my seventh grade English class. It was an end of the year assignment. In this piece, I have tried to describe some vivid memories and experiences over the one and a half years during which the COVID-19 virus has put a break on my life. The pandemic has been a turning point in my life. I still have many more experiences to gain in life but I doubt I will ever be able to forget this.

A Note from the Editor

These poems were submitted to Stone Soup blog as a 40 page collection. I have decided to publish them in weekly installments, breaking them up by the seasons Paridhi established. The artwork I have chosen to accompany each installment was not selected by the author and was originally published in Stone Soup. 

Part VI (End)

Spring 2021

Guarding the Garden By Audrey Champness, 12 (Green Cove Springs, FL), published in Stone Soup December 2021

In the Hotel 

We stayed in a hotel 

For the first 15 days. 

While my parents were busy arranging things, 

I enjoyed 

Going out 

For walks 

With my father, 

Seeing the beauty 

Of this new city.  

However, In my heart 

I could feel the pain. 

I will miss my cousins. 

I will miss seeing their laughing faces. 

I will miss my monkey brother, 

Who always was there by my side. 

I will miss my naughty sister, 

I will miss them. 

A House 

Our first priority—

My school. 

Mom was meticulously searching for good schools on the net. 

She chooses Jefferson Middle School. 

It was listed as the best. 

And finally, the search for an accommodation 

In the district that we would call home. 

We have finally booked a house 

And now we are moving in our luggage 

To our new house. 

New Experience 

We had bought furniture, 

But we did not know, 

We did not know that we had to assemble it. 

So we spent the entire day  

trying to set up all the pieces. 

And by the end of the day 

We were dog tired. 

Fun it was though. 

A New School 

Today is my first day of school. 

I am going physically to school, 

After a whole year online.

I am very excited. 


We are finally settled, 

We have bought what we need at home. 

I am doing fine in school. 


Today when I look back to last year gone by, 

It has been really adventurous. 

My eyes are now set to new goals, 

To the aims that I have,

To the dreams that I want to fulfill,

To the success I want to achieve,

To the love that I want to spread, 

I wish the Almighty stands by me, 

Like he always does, 

In his hidden subtle ways. 

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