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Diya Chakrabarti, 12 (Cupertino, CA)

Where I live, it is usually pretty pleasant this time of the year. So, my school arranged an outdoor school to enjoy the weather and allow us to learn more about nature. Nature is so beautiful, and we need to look outside more often, and be more mesmerized by its endless beauty. Anyways, let me share a little about what I learned in my science class—let's talk about fractals and FBI. A fractal is an infinite shape, you can search it up if you need a visual! I learned that fractal shapes can be found in nature, even in the minutest of places. The most common places to find fractals are in snail shells, snowflakes, and infrequently appearing clouds!

Secondly, the FBI does not mean the Federal Bureau of Investigation, because that's what I thought when I first heard that word. In this case, it means Fungus, Bacteria, and Vertebrates. The organisms can break down dead organisms and create new compounds, like soil. I had read a little about these before, but a refresher is always welcoming! The dead plants and bodies are like fertilizers, making the soil more fertile, which means plants will grow healthier. As I mentioned before, nature is mesmerizing and has endless opportunities to explore. By going outside, I discovered so much. Readers, why don't you go exploring outdoors since you probably finished reading my write-up? Have a great summer peeps!!

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