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Charis Choy, 11 Cary, NC

Pigeon City

Charis Choy, 11

Amber rays of sunlight flooded through the city, casting long shadows behind the tall buildings. A glint of sun caught on dark grey feathers as the bird glided through the darkening sky, skimming the tops of the buildings.

It landed on the roof of the tallest one.

Beautiful evening, ​it thought to itself. ​And one day... this entire city will be OURS! It cackled evilly to itself for a few moments before another bird popped its head into view. “There you are, Blu. Where were you?”

Blu glared at her friend. “Stu! You interrupted my evil cackling!”

Stu rolled his eyes. “So that’s your new hobby, eh?”

“Call it a hobby,” Blu sniffed, ruffling her feathers. “​I​ call it ​practice​.”

“Practice,” Stu repeated dubiously. “Well, what are you practicing for? Face it, pigeons will never be as good at singing as other birds.”

“I wasn’t trying to ​sing​,” Blu squawked indignantly. “I was practicing for when pigeons will rule the city. Maybe I’ll even be invited to do the speech!”

Stu blinked and cocked his head to the side. “What makes you think pigeons will ever rule the city?”

“Don’t be daft!” Blu unfurled her wings, gesturing to the glorious city before them. “Look!” She bobbed her head proudly, waiting for Stu to begin nodding his head and saying, “Ohhh, I get it!” Instead, her friend blinked his black beady eyes some more and burbled, “I don’t see anything out of the ordinary.”

“It’s not what you ​see!​” Blu exclaimed. “It’s what you ​don’t​ see! Look! There are so few humans out there right now. They already understand that they won’t be controlling the city for much longer.”

Stu twisted his head around and began to preen his feathers. “Why would they ever understand that if it’s not true?”

“But it ​is​ true!” cried Blu, spreading her wings again. “Remember all those hints that we always leave behind for them?”

“Hints?” Stu paused to think about it. “Do you mean when Via left some of her droppings on the hood of that Lamborghini?”

“You should’ve seen that human’s face when he saw them!” Blu smirked. “It looked likea tomato. And that time when Kek upchucked on that woman’s shoes was beautiful.”

Stu nodded thoughtfully. “How about when Tud ate some of the kid’s ice cream at the park? That was quite interesting to watch.”

“​Now​ you’re getting it!” Blu hopped around with excitement. “You see, the city never truly belonged to humans—it belongs to ​us! And one day we’ll take it over, just you wait!”

“Dream on, kid,” Stu replied. “I’m going to find a place to roost.”

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