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About our Spring 2019 Fundraiser

Help Stone Soup Expand its Reach


Our spring 2019 fundraising drive is focused on raising additional funds to support our programs and partnerships reaching out to kids living in challenging circumstances.

All the money raised through this appeal will be devoted to finding new ways to seek out and support the harder-to-reach Stone Soup readers and contributors of today and tomorrow. We want to encourage participation in the world of Stone Soup by children in less privileged circumstances. We are already working on a few initiatives that contribute to this broader goal, and your donations will help us to continue and expand those projects.

Reaching a Wider Contributor Base Via Public Libraries

We charge a small fee for submissions to Stone Soup, which covers the costs to us of using an online submissions management system and contributes to the staff time it takes to carefully read and assess every single submission that comes in to us–which is what we do. Our individual subscribers have free submissions whilst they are subscribers, and the submission fee is not a barrier to our core readership. However, for many families, a personal subscription to Stone Soup is not affordable, and the submission fee is off-putting or just plain impossible for children living in less privileged circumstances.

To help us find and reach a wider audience we want to extend the free submissions benefit to Public Libraries, so that all children who use their local library's Stone Soup subscription to submit their work to us will be able to do so free of charge. We hope and believe that this public access will help us to help less advantaged young people send us their work, free of any submission fees, for consideration by our Editor.

Donate to widen Stone Soup's reach

As well as asking for cash support, we are also devoting all the money raised from sales of a vintage copy of Stone Soup Magazine to this campaign. In a recent re-organization we found a box of 60 copies of a very special issue from our archives–the “Special Navajo Issue” from March/April 1989. The 1989 special issue was comprised solely of short stories, poetry, and artwork by children living on Navajo reservations. Looking at this issue again, we felt it was an inspiring example of the kind of work Stone Soup has done and can do to bring often unheard children's voices into the open. We have put those issues on sale in our online store, and have committed to putting all proceeds from its sale towards our current efforts to reach marginalized communities. With this money, we can work on more initiatives like our extension of free submissions to Public Libraries. We have 60 copies of the magazine available in our online store, at $15 per copy, and if we sell them all we’ll raise $900 from that alone. You can find and place your order for the issue in our online store.

Help us support the writers of tomorrow

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