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Here are just a few websites and programs that can be helpful for teaching creative writing for students. From lesson plans to book suggestions, these websites have a lot to offer for anyone who wants to encourage children to write.

National Writing Project

The National Writing Project is made up of University-based groups around the United States and help to bring teaching methods that will develop students’ passion for writing. Get in contact with a group near you, or explore their online resources. For teachers and homeschooling parents, there a variety of lesson plans available on the Resources page. They also have lists of recommended teaching books, as well as a stimulating podcast on education called NWP Radio.

Teachers and Writers Collaborative

Though their workshops are based in New York, Teachers and Writers Collaborative have plenty of writing-related resources on their website. Check out their list of books that are helpful in teaching writing, as well as their monthly magazine that features lesson plans, interviews, and general teaching tips.

PBS LearningMedia

Browse the English Language Arts section of PBS Learning media to find helpful videos and lesson plans to help illustrate writing concepts for your students. Search by grade level to find resources and teaching ideas, some of which have been submitted by teachers who have found success with their lessons. Additionally, when you create a free account, you can use the tools such as the Quiz Maker and Storyboard Maker.

The Brown Bookshelf

A blog created by African American children’s book authors and illustrate to help promote and review books by African American authors. Check out their list of recommended books, as well as their “28 Days Later” program for the month of February, where they celebrate Black History Month by spotlighting a different African American author every day.


Are there websites you have found helpful that we are missing? Email sarah@stonesoup.com and let us know!

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