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Episode #5: A Whole New World


Hello, my name is Misha Ahmed, and I am your host of this podcast series called ROBOMIND. I know you may be wondering, what does ROBOMIND mean? For those of you who haven't been here for the last three episodes--I mean now four--go check those out, but to get back on track ROBOMIND is a combination of two things: robotics and mind. I love robotics, and I believe that it shapes how you think, and it shapes your mind. That is why I called my podcast ROBOMIND.

A small tidbit about me is that I am 12 years old. I am absolutely head over heels for robotics. And I can't wait to let you know a little more about it. Also, right now I sound a little kooky because I have lost my voice. But don't worry, I'll still bring my fun, bubbly personality.

The name of this episode is bumbumbum "A Whole New World" named after the Aladdin song. You know I always keep up that Disney theme. I called the episode this because I am going to be talking about the brand new Vex iq game for this year. RAPID RELAY!!!

Before we get into all of that fun stuff, how about we get on to what has been stuck in your mind literally since the last episode. THE RIDDLE! I am going to repeat it one last time before I reveal the answer, so listen carefully if you didn’t hear it before or if you don't remember it. Okay, ready.

You find me in the past, and I can be created in the present, but the future is never mine. What am I? If you didn't get to hear it last time pause and think of your answer. Now that you have heard it again, it is time for the answer doodododooooo: history.

When I heard this riddle at first, I thought it's got to be memories, and I think if you thought that too both of our answers are right: history and memories.

Now that we have got that all done. It is time for the robotics stuff. Allow me to tell you all about the fast, fun, and fantastic game called Rapid Relay.

The game elements that you use to score are tiny, padded Balls, approximately 6 inches in diameter. They kind of look like tiny, little soccer balls.

The main objectives of the game are to pass the Balls between robots, score Balls through targets, and clear switches which are these little green circles in the middle of the targets that will flip out of the way once you hit them. Balls are introduced to the field through the Loading Station or, during the last 15 seconds of a match, a Rapid Load Zone. A Rapid Load Zone is where the match loaders are able to place the balls in any of the legal starting places.

One thing that is new to all of us this year is that the driving teams will have three members: two drivers and 1 match loader. We have seen this a lot in VRC but not much in IQ. This has a lot of us on our toes because it is going to add a whole new aspect to the game.

Points are awarded based on how many goals are scored, how many switches have been cleared, and how many times the Alliance successfully passed the Ball before scoring it. I hope you are paying attention if you want to know what things you can do to rack up the most points and win!

Now it is time for the infamous part of the episode: the riddle! This one is complex, so please make sure to listen. I am only going to say it once, so you might want to pause and prepare yourself. Maybe grab a pencil and paper to write down the different clues. Okay, here we go.

EPISODE #4 RIDDLE: There is a briefcase with 1 million dollars in it. However, it is locked. To open it you need a 4-digit code. Each number increased in value from the left to right for example 1258. No two successive digits had an even difference such as 2 or 4. This means that if your first number was 2 and your second digit was 4, this couldn't work. The sum of all four digits was 22. There is no 0 in the combination. After all these clues, you are left with a couple of options, the numerically lowest of them all is the correct code. Hopefully, you wrote down all of those clues. Also, disclaimer, if you get it, I am not giving you 1 million dollars; I barely have 20 dollars in my bank account. That was just for the sake of the riddle.

Keep your gears turning. I love you guys so so much.

Thank you to all of you guys who kept making comments. You guys are so amazing. I loved seeing your thoughts and ideas. Thank you again so so much! A little hint to next episode, we will be doing something new and super exciting! This is your host Misha Ahmed of ROBOMIND signing off!

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