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Frozen Beauty
"Frozen Beauty” by Hanna Gustafson, 12. Photograph published in Stone Soup, January 2018.

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For the project this week, I’d like you to look at the photograph “Frozen Beauty,” by Hanna Gustafson, which we are republishing here from last January’s issue, and to read the poem by Sheila Northrup it is paired with at the bottom of the newsletter. I want you to go outside with a phone or camera and take a photograph of winter beauty where you live. Where I live, this is a tough assignment; our winter beauty looks more like what for most of you would look like spring. If you live in Arizona or Florida or Texas or in my California, your winter beauty photograph will look very different from that of a reader in Maine or Wisconsin or Alaska. The poem says, “Now it is official./ Winter is finally here.” I want you to capture in a photograph what, to you, makes winter "official" where you live. As always, if you really like what you have done and think you have nailed the assignment, please upload it to our submissions website so Emma can see it.

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Published in Stone Soup,
January 2018




By Sheila Northrup, 10
Illustrated with 'Frozen Beauty' by Hanna Gustafson, 12


Soft, white, flakes drift down, following the wind.
They bring a sense of happiness to the air.
The golden rays of warmth strike onto the fluffy blanket below.
The harsh cold still manages to crawl inside houses.
Heat vents roar and the windows give out a moan.
Thick clouds soon hide the sun.
Smoke floats out of the chimneys into the bitter air, while leaves and grass are out of sight.
The snow is swallowing up trees.
Hot chocolate is being slurped down at every house.
Now it is official.
Winter is finally here.

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