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The Attack of the Christmas Lights by Eliana Pacillo, 12 (Walpole, MA) published in Stone Soup December 2021

A note from William

Wow! It's Christmas! The end of another strange year. I am in Los Angeles visiting a friend. I had planned on being in Egypt!

I'd like to extend a special thanks to Emma Wood for another year of brilliant work as editor-in-chief of Stone Soup and judge of our annual Book Contest. Thanks to our fabulous staff — Sarah Ainsworth, Laura Moran, Caleb Berg, and Tayleigh Greene. Jane Levi has just left the company. Thank you to Jane for extraordinary work these last few years helping to shepherd the magazine.

Thanks to all of you who have supported our 2021 Annual Drive. As we have mentioned, we are starting a big push to get Stone Soup back to self-sufficiency. We have this amazing $25,000 matching gift so everything you give between now and the end of the year is matched, doubling the value of your gift.

I think the best ending to the 2021 newsletters is to leave the last word with one of our writers. I hope you enjoy this reading of a poem by Emma Hoff, one of our students. As this poem was written during one of our Saturday writing workshops, all the time she had to write it in was 30 minutes!

Until next year.

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Sarayu B., 11, wrote a gripping personal narrative about the time their grandmother was hospitalized with COVID-19.

Analise Braddock
Analise Braddock, 9
(Katonah, NY)

From Stone Soup
December 2021

Parallel Christmas

By Analise Braddock, 9 (Katonah, NY)

Parallel lines don’t stop.
Christmas doesn’t stop.

The snow sticks and not a light flicks out.
Not a curve or a bend in a parallel line.

The time ticks and tocks for Santa.
Comes and goes for Christmas, but the lines of Santa’s are forever.

Get ready, hang the stockings.
Set out the cookies and milk.
Light up the tree for a parallel Christmas.

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