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Beyond the Horizon
Beyond the Horizon (iPhone 12 Pro) by Aditi Nair, 13; published in Stone Soup September 2022

A note from William Rubel

Dear Friends – 

I would like to announce the opening of our  2022–2023 Fiftieth Anniversary Drive. In the closing months of this year, and throughout next year, we would like to gather our community of Stone Soup supporters and donors to see us on our way to the next fifty years. Our goal for this drive between now and December 2023 is $125,000. It is a lot! But that amount will provide us with the foundation we need to thrive in the decades to come. Many of us have a set of charities that are important to us and to our families. If you have the means, then I ask you to discuss with your family making Stone Soup one of your primary charities for this year and next. If any of you would like to speak with me directly, then please write to me. I’d be happy to talk to you about Stone Soup and our plans for the future. Thank you.  

Until next time, 

William's Weekly Project

I am taken with Aditi Nair’s photograph, Beyond the Horizon. I’ve read that one of the biggest differences between how we are now, we of the mobile phone era, and how we used to be is that we spend less time doing nothing. Less time thinking. We don’t just stand in line at the grocery, we pull out our phones. All of us, of all ages, do this! The title of Aditi’s photograph evokes the unphotographable—a place that cannot be captured on camera and can only exist in our imaginations, our dreams. A place beyond what we can see. The photograph offers us a rare opportunity to ponder. 

Let yourself be drawn in by this photograph. Spend some time with it. Let your eye wander the vast expanse of water to the point where sky and water converge on the horizon, beyond which is a place of infinite possibility. Aditi invites our contemplation through the placement of the figure looking out to sea. The boy in the photograph offers us a point of entry and helps us see ourselves standing there, looking, and absorbing the moment.  

I have been focusing my newsletter projects on photography because now almost everyone has a camera, either a stand-alone camera or one in a phone. I want you to find something to photograph that leads to a mystery—something that cannot be wholly captured by the lens of your camera. I will say no more. This is a very big challenge. Good luck! And, as usual, if you like what you achieve, please submit it to Stone Soup. 

Stone Soup is published by Children’s Art Foundation-Stone Soup Inc., a 501(c)(3) educational nonprofit organization registered
in the United States of America, EIN: 23-7317498.


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