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A note from William Rubel

We did it! Or, to be more accurate, Jane Levi, our rock of competence, has shepherded this project to completion. The Stone Soup 2017 annual is being published in response to so many of you saying how much you miss print and how important having Stone Soup in print form is to you. The Stone Soup Annual is 350 pages. It is a magnificent book. Full colour, every issue for the year, plus bonus material from the website. We selected a high quality paper in keeping with Stone Soup's long-standing production values. The book weighs over one pound!

What you will get are the print issues from the first half of the year and the digital issues from the second half of the year all bound together in one volume: eight issues covering January to December 2017. Also in the volume you will find work by winners of our contests, selected posts from our young bloggers, and music written by our Stone Soup composers.

The issues inside the volume are formatted exactly as the Stone Soup print issues have been for years. The cover and new material are designed by one of London's most sought after designers of art museum catalogues. We will also be using a new design from Joe Ewart for our monthly issues starting in January 2018. Joe brings a freshness and energy to his design that I know you will all appreciate, and which I think you will agree lives up to the quality of our contributors' work. This is a book that is a pleasure to hold and to look at as well as to read.

The Stone Soup Annual is finalised and at the printer. In publishing terms, it is "forthcoming". We are expecting delivery of our piles of books in early December, ready to ship out. Later in the year we will have a new subscription system in place so you will be able to order a digital subscription plus the print Annual as a bundle for next year. In the meantime, you need to order the print Annual 2017 separately.

Please go to our online store, Stonesoupstore.com, and order your copies.

I'd like to close by encouraging you to listen to "Let This be the World", a lovely song without words sung by Kathleen Werth, also the artist responsible for the magnificent cover of our first Stone Soup Annual, 2017.

Until next week,



There are several new blog posts up from our new young bloggers, so do please visit our website to read them and comment. We've been delighted by the response they've had so far. If you are a young writer and have something you want to say on our blog, let me know.

The November Issue is online now - don't miss it!

We wrote to everyone on Wednesday announcing the November issue of Stone Soup. If you haven't had a chance yet to read it, do make some time to go to our website this weekend and enjoy the fantastic selection of stories, poems and artworks we've chosen for you this month. Congratulations to all our talented contributors!

Also, if you didn't get our email about the new issue, please check your spam folder and make sure you have told your system you want to receive email from us (assuming you do!). We won't ever bother you with email you don't want (you can unsubscribe any time at the bottom of our emails), but we certainly don't want you to miss out on any new material, especially when it's the current issue off your magazine.


From Stone Soup
May/June 2004

The Lone Wolf

By Preston Craig, 10

Illustrated by J. Palmer, 13

Alexis Jamison looked thoughtfully at the young gray wolf anxiously pacing the enclosure. “You’ve got green eyes. That’s odd. Did you know that most gray wolves have gold eyes, or yellow even?”

Alexis Jamison looked thoughtfully at the young gray wolf anxiously pacing the enclosure. “You’ve got green eyes. That’s odd. Did you know that most gray wolves have gold eyes, or yellow even?”

The wolf whined fearfully, a pup’s apprehensive sound, and Alex looked helplessly at it. “I can’t do anything yet,” she continued bitterly. “You’re going to be released, don’t you know that? What’s your name, anyway?” She looked at the piece of paper tacked lopsidedly to the fence, her father’s practically illegible handwriting spelling out the words: Lupus. Gray wolf. Approximately two years old.

“Lupus, is that your name then?” Alex said interestedly. “Good name for a gray wolf.”

Lupus whined again. “Oh, Lupus,” she murmured, her voice breaking.

She jumped to her feet, put a hand against the fence briefly, then tore herself away and strode toward her house, trying hard to keep from turning back to Lupus.

The cool Alaskan air bit at Alex as she walked across the field of dying grass. She was used to wolves; there were plenty here at the gray wolf release center her father had begun four years ago. She had come here every summer since her parents split up when she was six. Alex had learned everything there was to know about endangered gray wolves from her father, and was already able to help him with his work. She didn’t usually let herself get attached to any of the wolves, knowing they were eventually going to be released and she’d never see them again, but she was curiously interested in Lupus... /more

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