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  1. I have not received the newsletter for 2/27 or today’s letter 3/6 This is most disappointing!!

    • That is very strange. I have checked in our mailing system and you are definitely in there, and the records show that we have sent you the Newsletter every week since February 13th. Is there any chance the messages have gone into your junk folder? The messages should come from the email address newsletter@stonesoup.com; and you might want to check that stonesoup@stonesoup.com has permission too.
      Just FYI, today’s newsletter went out 9 minutes ago, so that might be the easiest one to track down.
      We also publish the newsletter on the website, so if you search “Newsletter” in the search box the most recent editions should come up (though I know that’s not the same as it landing in your mailbox as it should!).

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