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Open to kids age 14 and younger
Free to enter
Parental permission required
Submit up to four selfies: two with a mask and two without
Deadline: Monday, October 3, 2021
Since Stone Soup's last selfie contest in 2017, the selfie has taken on a new form: the masked selfie. That's why we're enlisting you to participate in our 2021 Selfie Contest: With and Without Masks. Since the term "selfie" was first coined in 2002, and since its addition to the OED in 2013 as "word of the year," seemingly all possible variations have been exhausted, leaving little room for selfie innovation—it's up to you to prove this assumption wrong. As has always been the case, we want these selfies to tell us a story. Think about how masks can both aid and make more difficult the expression of thoughts and feelings. How can you show us who you are behind the mask, and how can you build off of that image once the mask disappears, or vice versa? Because the inclusion of two photos offers a unique opportunity to play with progression, we want to see you use this to your advantage. How might the second photo change or build upon the story told by the first? Get creative! Try something you've never thought to try before! Surprise us, and, most importantly, surprise yourself! You may submit up to four selfies: two with a mask and two without.

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