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Nathaniel Canon, Age 7, CA
Nathaniel Canon, 7, California

Self Portraits

These are the winners of our first Selfie Contest. Never in history have so many people taken so many photographs of themselves as we are doing now. I think many of us think of "selfies" as self-indulgent throw-away pictures. But that is not what you sent me. What you sent in were thoughtful photographs.

I want to thank everyone who participated in this contest. There wasn't a single entry that did show an effort being made to use the humble selfie as a venue for meaningful self-expression. There is clearly lots more that can be done with selfies. I will run this contest again. Special thanks to the parents who worked with their children to help them realize their visions. As with a lot of great art -- pieces that may look spontaneous, were not. I could write about these pictures for hours! Enjoy! And, again, thank you for participating.

The winners are: Katie Sohacki, 13; Oliver Girouard, 13; Annie Melkote, 11; Lucy Humble, 11; Peyton Jacobe, 11; Darrius Canon, 11; Sophia Lee Bartolini, 11, Nathaniel Canon, 7.

Each of the prize winners receives $10, our thanks for participating, and our congratulations for a job well done.

Bohemian Katie Sohacki, 13, North Carolina
"Bohemian," Katie Sohacki, 13, North Carolina



"Slipping on a Banana Peal," Oliver Girouard, 13, Washington

"Rise," Annie Melkote, 11, New Jersey
"Rise," Annie Melkote, 11, New Jersey

"Me in a Tree With Jazz Hands" Lucy Humble, age 11, NY
"Me in a Tree With Jazz Hands," Lucy Humble, 11, New York



"Halloween Night" Peyton Jacobe, age 11, TX
"Halloween Night," Peyton Jacobe, 11, Texas

Untitled, Darrius Canon, 11, California



100 Mes Sophia Lee Bartolini, 11 New York City
"100 Me's," Sophia Lee Bartolini, 11, New York



Untitled, Nathaniel Canon, 7, California

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