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Mason Li, 8

A shadow is behind each step I take. When you see your shadow, it means you’re in darkness. When you don’t, it means you’re in light.

America before was in darkness. But America is taking steps out of darkness and into light. Right now, America is in pain. Look at before slavery - a man named Marin Luther King Jr. He saw his shadow and took steps higher and higher to peace. All soldiers saw their shadows and took steps to braveness.

Now America is in the shadow of Covid-19, but it won’t be covered for long because we’re taking steps out like before. We see glimpses of lightness each day. Everyday one glimpse to two to three to four and higher. That means that we’re climbing, too, like before the inventions of technology, but it’s health not engineering.

One day we will take our steps out of Covid-19.

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