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Sistories is a brand new podcast about travel hosted by two sisters--Maryam and Nour!

Welcome to our new podcast, Sistories! My sister and I love to travel, and we want to inspire you to travel too. My name is Nour, and I'm one of your hosts, along with my sister Maryam. I am ten years old, and I love to travel. My family has been to many places near and far. We have a mini Goldendoodle named Lulu who sometimes gets to go with us on trips.

My name is Maryam the Magnificent. I am eight and a half. I love to travel, and I also like sports like swimming and soccer. One of my favorite spots to travel is Grenada. I was born in Houston, but my family was from Grenada and Egypt. I have lots of family there.

Today's topic is why you should travel. Why? My sister and I will both talk about some reason we love to travel. Nour is up first!

Here are my two top reasons to try out traveling.

Reason 1: you should travel a lot so you can see the lifestyles of locals and notice how they may do things differently than we do in the United States. One year my family visited St. Maarten, a beautiful island in the Caribbean. When you're driving there the sides of the road that you drive on can change. Why? Because one side of the island is Dutch and the other side is French. You have to drive on the opposite side of the road depending on which part of the island you're on.

Another year, my family traveled to Grenada where my dad is from. We went to a restaurant that was right on the beach. When the server came she told us if you're hungry in Grenada, you shouldn't come to a restaurant. It took a really long time for our food to arrive because all of the ingredients are fresh and prepared right then.

Reason 2: You can explore new places and try new things. Like when we went to Mexico City and walked to the city square. We saw smoke and wondered what it was. My dad's uncle explained to us that they were using incense to cleanse you. The incense is supposed to make you feel better. My dad's uncle said it made him feel like he could fly. We ended up trying it, and it was great!

Another place our family went was Egypt. When we were there we got to snorkel in the Red Sea, which is very clear. As I was watching my dad scuba dive, I jumped off the dock; I could see my dad below me with all the beautiful fish. We also got to visit the pyramids on horses and camels. It was a bumpy ride, but I recommend you try it.

Now it's my turn. I have 2 more amazing reasons you should travel.

Reason 1: you should travel so that you can be amazed. One time my family and I were in Boston. We went on a boat ride with my cousin. It was a big boat. We were going whale watching. When we were far from land, we saw a whale wagging its tail in the ocean and slapping the water. It was giving itself a high five! Then we saw 4 whales swimming together, and they blew out water. Next, a gigantic whale jumped out of the water and twirled in the air. It was pretty and cool because the water droplets were surrounding it. I wanted to see it again, but it was time to go back.

Reason 2: You should travel to take a break from your stressful life! Kids who have to deal with school, activities, homework, impatient and annoying friends, and your chores. When you travel you can go to places like Grenada and put all of it behind you.

Grenada is my favorite place because it has a magical beach that can change your life. And you can also pick off mango from the trees, and you can walk on the beach all around. It's just one of my favorite places.

Thank you so much for listening to our podcast, Sistories! Come back again to listen to our new podcast topic: how to pack for an awesome trip. Have a great trip!

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  1. Traveling is such a magical way to experience the world. Thanks for sharing these reasons and inspiring me to take a trip!

  2. What a lovely, well-rounded reflection on your travels! Traveling is surely an adventure, a great stress-reducer, and it expands your knowledge! Thanks for your take, girls!

  3. Great insightful podcast by these two young travelers. As a global traveler myself, it’s great to see the interest in different cultures, food and amazing experiences taking hold in the younger generation especially Americans. Here’s to many more interesting and wonderful podcasts from Maryam and Nour!

  4. This was inspiring. Eloquently expressed and well summarized! I have grandchildren ages 5, 10 and 11. This podcast motivated me to start traveling with them. Thanks and most appreciated for sharing.

  5. Oh girls, I LOVE this so much!! Traveling is what opens your eyes to the beauty of the world!! I’m so excited to hear all about your adventures and tips

  6. I absolutely agree with you about Grenada. It’s one of my favorite places also. I’m so happy you all have been able to see so much of the world and that you’re sharing it with us!

  7. I am inspired! I love to hear about the adventures you two share with your family. I’ll be anxiously awaiting the next episode.

  8. I wonder where you want to go next. Those were some great sistories, hope you make more of them and I hope i experience some too.

  9. What an amazing podcast from amazing sisters!! I love to travel too definitely planning a trip soon!! Can’t wait to learn how to pack for trips!

  10. I also love to travel, and your wonderful podcast made me want to pack my bags and go on a trip right now. Thanks for reminding me of the joys of traveling.

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