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Sistories is a brand new podcast about travel hosted by two sisters–Maryam and Nour!

Hi everyone, welcome to our new podcast, Sistories. My sister and I love to travel and we want to inspire you to travel too. That’s why we are hosting this cool new podcast. Last month we did our first episode about why you should travel. Today, we are going to be talking about how to pack for an amazing trip no matter where you go.

I am Maryam, and I will be going first. So, how to pack… Well, first here is what to pack for those those extra bags that you take on the plane or in the car with you. First, you should always bring a device in case you get bored or your parents are sleeping. Second, I recommend you bring a notebook to write stuff in, and don’t forget a great book to entertain you. Traveling can take a lot of hours and you don’t want to just have to sit and do nothing because that’s boring. You might want to bring extra clothes in your bag. We didn't once, and that didn’t go well. That story is coming up next.

So, you’re probably wondering what happened. It started like any normal trip. It felt very exciting because we were going to Italy. We checked our bags, which had a lot of clothes in them because we were going to be gone for two weeks. When we were about to go in the sky, one of the airline attendants made an announcement and said, “We will be taking some luggage off the plane so please see if that was you.” My parents didn’t check because they never thought it would be us; its never us! Sadly, when we landed in Italy, and we got off the plane thinking everything was okay, we sat a long long time at the baggage claim but our luggage did not appear. So, we asked an attendant, but they couldn’t help. They said if they find it they would drop it off at our hotel.

We had to buy a lot of clothes in Italy. In the final four days we finally got our luggage, but it was too late. This is why half of our clothes have Italian words on them like “Ciao.” The moral of the story is that you might want to pack some clothes in your carry-on bags.

Thanks Maryam. Hi my name is Nour, and I’m going to tell you some other tips for packing. First, you will need to ask your parents some questions like how long you’re going for and what type of trip it will be. My mom used to give us a piece of paper with a list of everything we need to pack, and then we would go to our room and pack it. And then she would check. To be honest, I usually just stuff my clothes in the suitcase, but my sister packs her clothes pretty neatly so yes, there are different styles for packing. Now that my sister and I are older, we usually don’t get a list to check off. All we do now is ask how long we are going and then pack the right number of outfits based on the weather. Obviously, if you are going to the beach where it’s hot, you will pack different clothes than if you were heading to someplace cold and snowing.

I also pack some pretty clothes in case we’re going out to dinner or to do something fancy. That’s important because you want to be prepared. For your carry-on bag you might want to bring extra underwear… You heard our Italy story! And I guess that you should bring your own headphones too so that you don’t have to wait on the airplane to get them. You also might want to pack a mask in case you need it since Covid is always around. Last but not least, you should always bring gum or something to chew on for take off and landing. If you have braces and chew gum, you barely have any left at the end because it’s all in your teeth. Most of these tips go for any kind of transportation but here is one thing to know just about cars: First, you can bring a book, but do not read it while you’re in the car. When I do that I get really sick after only 4 or 5 minutes.

Thank you for listening to our podcast, Sistories. Come back again to listen to our next topic: Cool Places to Visit. Have a great trip!

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  1. Another great episode from the sisters ! Love the suggestion of bringing extra clothes in the carry-on bag. I have experienced the airlines delaying/losing my check luggage and its a pain. Keep up the great work girls!

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