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Dashiell Gibson is the luckiest 12-year-old on Earth, although he sees it through a different lens. The truth is, no one on Moon Base Alpha (MBA) feels different about their “extraordinary” opportunity. As this is the first-ever moon base to exist in 2040, everyone has their fair share of responsibilities. In Space Case, Stuart Gibbs shows how in the end, some of the limitations of the moon will always hold back humanity, or at least for now.

Dash’s only friend at MBA is Roddy, another boy just one year older than him. Back on Earth, they probably wouldn’t have been friends. However, because they were the only ones around the same age, they didn’t get to choose. The story kicks off when a spaceship arrives with more people after Dr. Holtz’s murder. Well, that was what Dash assumed. The noble scientist stepped out of the air-lock alone and died immediately. With surprising persistence for a twelve-year-old, Dash continues to state that Holtz was murdered, which makes everyone else at the base think he is going mad. Kira, another twelve-year-old, has just arrived on the spaceship with new arrivals, and after hearing Dash’s theory, she starts to help him investigate. Along with her, a very mysterious character joins him in the quest to discover the cause of Holtz’s murder. Eventually, the suspects narrowed down to just a few, and to prove their theory, Dash and Kira go on a dangerous mission. But when they all think that everything is finally making sense, confusion rings the doorbell.

I connected with Dash deeply because I just started middle school this year, and there is a significant change in everything, including the environment. In his case, Dash had to adjust to the new life at MBA and learn to cope with everything. This connection made the book an even better experience for me, which is why I recommend it.

Overall, Space Case by Stuart Gibbs had me waiting with bated breath on every page. This thrilling mystery novel with hints of humor is the perfect read for any young reader around 9-14. As I progressed through the book, every page surprised me beyond comprehension. Even after completing the book, I wondered what would happen next, which meant that I had to read the next book in the series to satisfy the rising suspense, of course!


Space Case by Stuart Gibbs. Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, 2015. Buy the book here and help support Stone Soup in the process! 

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