Stuart Gibbs

Space Case, Reviewed by Arjun Nair, 11

Dashiell Gibson is the luckiest 12-year-old on Earth, although he sees it through a different lens. The truth is, no one on Moon Base Alpha (MBA) feels different about their “extraordinary” opportunity. As this is the first-ever moon base to exist in 2040, everyone has their fair share of responsibilities. In Space Case, Stuart Gibbs […]

Poached, Reviewed by Aditi, 12

Have you ever been accused of something awful that you did not commit? Was the evidence leading up to your conviction? Well, Teddy Fitzroy, the protagonist in Poached by Stuart Gibbs, succumbed to this unfortunate fate! Teddy is twelve years old and lives in a trailer right outside of the world’s largest zoo, Funjungle. After […]

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