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Stone Soup book reviewer and artist Abhi Sukhdial, age 10, has sent us the first two pages of his summer journal. He is on a family visit to northern India for two-and-a-half months, visiting family outside of Delhi.

Click through to read both pages of the journal


Page 1:

Summer Journal 2018


Our summer vacation was to go to India, and it was just what I expected. I've been going to India since I was two months old and everything is the same. My thoughts about going there were "Is anything different?" The main reason we go to India is to meet my grandmother. She lives alone with her dog (Toffee), and a maid that helps her out. Most of the time in India, I play games and do all my work, My favourite thing though is spending time with my brother and dad. In India everything is different compared to America (Including the taste of food)! Life is hard in India. People can't find jobs, can't make any money which is a little sad. But on the bright side my grandmother has a huge garden in her frontward! She mainly has a LOT

Page 2:

of mango trees. Sleeping at a good time is a rare occurrence for me here because I usually sleep at 11:00 P.M. But THAT doesn't ruin my vacation. What does is the AIR-CONDITIONING. It sometimes goes on and off which is really annoying. Regardless, that even doesn't make me hate my vacation. The thing is, nothing ruins my summer vacation! There are three bedrooms in this house, 1 for my grandmother, 1 for me and my dad, and 1 for my mom and brother. The maid sleeps on the floor. There are 2 bathrooms, a dining room, and a kitchen. So to be honest, my grandmother's house is big on the outside and big on the inside. We never travel ANYWHERE once we reach my grandmother's house. For the whole vacation, our family and I relax in my grandmother's house. Which I'm a BIG fan of. The travel on the plane is long. We have to ride 14 hrs on the first plane, and 3 hours on the second plane. But I got to watch A LOT of movies.

Here are some pictures from the garden [3 drawings]:

mangoes hanging on a tree          fish statue          prickly plant


About the author:

Abhimanyu Sukhdial Pink
Abhimanyu Sukhdial, age 10
Stillwater, OK








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