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Reading is the best preparation for writing. We are fortunate that through the internet it is possible to keep in touch with living authors through their blogs, twitter feeds, and their websites. There are also often interviews with authors on the internet. The editors of Stone Soup offer a growing series of pages of internet links and interviews with many of your favorite authors.

Use this resource to get deeper into an author’s works or, if you haven’t read  book by the author, to discover someone whose work you’d like to follow.

If  you are a fan of Suzanne Collins, then please add your feelings about Suzanne in the comments below. How have you been influenced by her writing? What do you like best about her books? Which is your favorite? Which do you like least, and why?  If there are online resources that you think we should add to this page, then let us know. Also, if there is an author you think should be part of our Young Adult Author Interview section and isn’t, then also please leave a comment suggesting who we should add.






The Hunger Games Trilogy: The Hunger Games / Catching Fire / Mockingjay

Gregor the Underland Chronicles (5 Volume Set)


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