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Arshia Ramesh, 10
Overland Park, KS

Thank You Doctors

Arshia Ramesh, 10

I’ve been watching you for some time,
I can’t imagine what you do every day.
Crashing waves and burning skies,
You seem calm during this hard time.
People are sick and gonna die,
But you save them with your diamond mind.
You’ve been taking double shifts to make us feel alright,
Thank you for being a supporter in this hard time.
I’ve been walking in a world gone blind,
I don’t know how to feel in this pandemic time
I have been thinking for a while
I wish the world will go back to its old time.

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  1. Excellent, appreciate the young generation the knowledge and fastness to grasp every situation.
    May God Bless her with all strength.

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