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Steph Curry and the Warriors look to beat the Cavs in the finals for the second straight year.

In most sports, including the NBA, there is a playoff bracket that the the champion has to complete to win the title. In the NFL, you cannot lose a single game in order to win the Super Bowl. For the NBA, it is a 7 game series format. Team A (the one with the best record) plays at home for the first two games. Then Team B gets two games at home. Then after that, the games alternate. Whichever team wins 4 games first wins the series. While this has been the system for very long time, the NBA is thinking about changing its format to having a play-in bracket or picking the top 16 teams from either conference instead of 8 teams from each conference.

The Western conference teams this year were better and more fun to watch than the Eastern conference teams. In the Western Conference, the ball swings around more and it is played at a faster pace, with 3 point bombs a common sight. In the Eastern conference, the game is played at a slower pace, often with the shot clock running down as opposed to the Warriors fast paced style.

Around three years ago, the Golden State Warriors established themselves as the NBA's powerhouse. They won 2 out of 3 championships and the one that they lost was a fluke. This Finals could go their way, or the Cavs could claim the NBA throne. The Houston Rockets finished the season in front of the Warriors in standings which caused many to think that the Warriors' brief dynasty was over. Instead, they will be playing the Cavs in this year's finals.

The Warriors are the only NBA team that you can watch on TV when the score is tied, then take a 2 minute bathroom break and when you get back they are winning by 15. The Cavs will not be able to keep up with them. In Game 3 of the Warriors Rockets series, Steph Curry scored 18 3rd quarter points on 7-7 shooting. That will simply be too much for the Cavs. Expect the Warriors to win in 5 games, because of their lightning fast runs and great third quarters.

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