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You Did It, Friend teaching about basketball
“Really? You will teach me how to play?” he asked, not believing

Since the last game of the 2018 finals, lots of teams have made roster moves and drafted players. The NBA draft came and went. Players signed deals with new teams. Now, the start of the season is approaching. This offseason, enough changes were made that nobody knows which team will end up on top in 2019.

The biggest move in the offseason was the Lakers signing LeBron James and other promising players. They will be a totally new team. The Warriors got DeMarcus "Boogie" Cousins. Dwight Howard went to the Wizards. DeMar DeRozan went to the Spurs and Kawhi Leonard went to the Raptors. These moves will make the 2019 season a little bit more exciting.

 I think that the Warriors and the Celtics will play in the finals, and the Warriors will come out on top. I believe that the the Rockets will also have a strong team.. The 2019 NBA season is going to be an epic season.


(above image and caption from 2014 story "You Did It Friend," written by Connor Gorton and illustrated by Nahome Yohannes)

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