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Throughout my entire eleven years on this earth, a handful of books have truly spoken to me. One of these books is called The Remarkable Journey of Coyote Sunrise.

The story begins with the introduction of a twelve year old girl named Coyote Sunrise who lives on a school bus called Yager with her dad, Rodeo. They live in Yager because of a terrible incident that happened when Coyote was younger, in an attempt to run away from their painful past, her dad changed both of their names, (hence the reason she’s now called Coyote), moved into a new house, er, school bus, and forgot about their old life in Washington State. They use Yager to travel around 47 of the 50 states in the USA (subtracting Hawaii, Alaska, and the state Coyote’s dad never wants to see again).

However, one day, Coyote is on the phone with her grandmother when she hears the worst news ever: the park that she and her now deceased mother and sisters used to play on is getting torn up and turned into a parking lot! Now, you’re probably wondering, “what could be so bad about that?” Well, before her mother and sisters passed away, they created a “memory box,” which is basically just a time capsule in which they placed memories, photos, drawings, and strands of hair, then buried it in that park. Coyote doesn’t want to lose the last thing she has left of her mother and sisters, so she’ll have to create an insane plan to travel to Washington without Rodeo knowing.

Will she make it to the memory box in time? Or will it get destroyed forever? With the help of her new friends (and pets!), can Coyote pull this off? Well, I’m not going to spoil anything for you, so you’ll have to find out for yourself! I’m 100% percent positive that if you like heart wrenching and meaningful yet hilarious stories that take you on an emotional rollercoaster, you will enjoy The Remarkable Journey of Coyote Sunrise.

The Remarkable Journey of Coyote Sunrise by Dan Gemeinhart. Henry Holt & Company, 2019. Buy the book here and support Stone Soup in the process!

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