Trade Options for Kyrie Irving

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May 2019

The Cavaliers have engaged in many trade talks for their star point guard Kyrie
Irving. Irving has expressed much anxiety to get away from Cleveland, whether or not it has anything to do with LeBron James. There have been many incidents involving bad chemistry between the two. For example, Irving is upset that James leaked the fact that Irving wanted a trade, while James is reported to have said (though he denies) that he was tempted to “Beat Kyrie’s @##.” This may have been building for many years. When James left Cleveland to “take his talents to South Beach [Miami],” Irving was soon to be drafted. (Irving was drafted in 2011; James betrayed his team in 2010.) Though Irving wasn’t on the Cavs when James left, he may have disapproved of the decision. The Cavs have officially attempted to acquire Eric Bledsoe and Josh Jackson from Phoenix in exchange for Irving. Phoenix declined but it seems likely that Irving will not be long for Cleveland.

This brings us to the New York Knicks. The Knicks have been a major factor in the
Irving trade talks. Arguably their second best player, Carmelo Anthony (Kristaps Porzingis may be their first best), wants a trade. The Knicks might hold off for now, because Irving may be interested in joining them. The Knicks are unwilling to trade Porzingis for Irving trade, however, because Porzingis is a complete player, and still young. The Houston Rockets were a possible destination for Irving before they acquired Chris Paul, also a point guard, from the Clippers. If Irving were traded to the San Antonio Spurs, they would be a powerhouse team, with an Irving/Leonard/Aldridge trio.

With Jimmy Butler, Paul George, Chris Paul, and Danilo Gallinari all headed out of
their respective cities, the NBA off-season has been wildly chaotic. As a loyal Bulls fan, I was torn up when Jimmy Butler got traded, and I still think of the Clippers as a Chris Paul/Blake Griffin/DeAndre Jordan team, but I accept that this will be a new chapter in the NBA.

Leo T. Smith
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I am 10 and I live in Evanston, Illinois. I am a huge Bulls fan and I love sports in general.

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