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Weekly Creativity #139: Write a Story to Evoke an Emotion

Write a story designed to evoke an emotion. Maybe it’s a feel-good story, or a calming one.

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  1. Hello Stone Soup! I am a young writer striving to publish work, and I came across this contest and realized that I would love to do this! I just have a few questions. I have never submitted before, and I was just wondering when the deadline was and if it costs money to submit. Thank you, have a good day!

    • Hi Olivia, thanks for reaching out! The Flash Contest in February has already ended, but we’ll hold one again in March. The Monthly contest prompt is always the first one of the month, so next month’s will be the prompt published on March 1st. We then give contest entrants until the end of the day on the following Sunday to turn in their entries. You can submit contest entries here and it costs $2 to enter.

      We also always offer submissions for writing and artwork that aren’t contest-based. You can see all of the various categories on our Submittable page here: https://stonesoup.submittable.com/submit

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