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    • Hi Rex!

      You are not required to include your list of all five titles, but are welcome to do so if you wish.

  1. Utah Explodes
    One eventful day in the year 2036, Utah, favorite state of 100% of Americans, exploded due to a long list of causes. Utah was a beautiful place, known as the Beehive state for its extremely aggressive bee attacks. Utah, “The place to be!” (Unless there is a bee attack).
    The reason Utah detonated was unknown, for it was loved by everyone. There are some speculations though. Somebody most likely rigged it with explosives after the bee strike-back in 2034. Louisiana probably pitched in after Utah stole their trademark “U” from their name. Wyoming was most likely enraged at Utah after the land war for that little top part of Utah. There was also a group effort from Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico to make the famous 4 corners into 3 corners because it was getting hard to be in all 4 at once. We will forever miss our astounding Utah for its killer bees, and 2nd biggest salt lakes in the US, Farewell.

    (No information or facts were fact checked in this book, and State Funeral Corp. is not responsible for any crying or mourning for Utah.)

  2. Hi, thank you for the prompt. I’m chuckling, sitting alone in the kitchen while the television in the living room blares its usual flow of platitude.
    Flash usually means less than a thousand words. Am I right? Do you guys want less?

    • Hi Vero, given the number of entries we get, it helps the judges if everyone doesn’t write a whole novel! A thousand words seems like a good guideline, but you may write more or less if your story demands it.

    • HI Diya, it can be whatever length you think works best for your story. We don’t set a minimum length as this is a flash contest, and we don’t expect a very long story either! Longer stories entered in these contests are usually 2 or 3 pages, but they might be more or less. Have a look at some of the previous winners to get a sense of the variety of work the judges have liked, and feel free to write about what you feel, not to a word count!

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