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"Hat Girl" (Acrylic) by Keira Callahan, 12 (San Francisco, CA) and published in the May 2021 Issue of Stone Soup

A note from Sarah

Have you had time to read the May issue of Stone Soup?

I want to draw your attention to a story that caught my eye: “Awaiting a Letter” by Lila C. Kassouf, excerpted at the end of the newsletter.

Though Lila doesn’t identify the time period in which “Awaiting a Letter” is set, there is something about the word choices and style that makes it seem like it may be a historical fiction story. Perhaps it is the beginning of the story, where the main character, Celeste, reads the newspaper at breakfast, or the fact that the story revolves around the anticipation of a letter in the mail.

For this weekend’s activity, I want to challenge you to write a historical fiction story. You can make it clear in your narration or through the story’s events that the time period is not the present day, or you can make it more subtle, like Lila does, and never explicitly address it. What clues can you leave the reader to point at when the story is taking place? You may want to think about technology, like letter writing, or language, like speech styles and slang.

There have been so many great Stone Soup historical fiction stories published over the years that you can use as inspiration. In addition to “Awaiting a Letter,” you can also check out the “Historical” category on the website, or get a copy of our anthology The Stone Soup Book of Historical Fiction, available in print or as an e-book.

If you give the historical fiction genre a try, please submit what you’ve come up with! Can’t wait to see what you create.

Until next week,

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HatGirlFrom Stone Soup
May 2021

Awaiting a Letter

By Lila C. Kassouf, 12 (Towson, MD)
Illustrated by Keira Callahan, 12 (San Francisco, CA)

Eighteen-thousand dollars were stolen from the Bridgeham Regional Bank on Nov. 2. Eyewitnesses say the robber was a man wearing all black, carrying a gun.

“He had a slight figure and he ran very quickly,” said one woman who had witnessed the event.

This is the third armed robbery this week. Witness reports from each of the robberies confirm it was the same person.

—Page 1 of The Bridgeham Times

“Maman,” I said, looking up from the newspaper. “Did you hear about the robbery?”

“What is it, the third one you’ve told me about this week?” my mother asked, washing dishes at the sink.

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