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  1. The sun was beating down on my leaves. The large waves crashing against the bumpy lava rock, the Hawaiian breeze causing my leaves to sway, and boats out in the distance. This was the perfect day. Suddenly I heard a loud bzzzzzzzz. I look back and see a tree falling in the distance. It didn’t worry me too much considering this happens quite often. It probably just fell from the wind or something. However, this strange noise got louder and as it did I got more and more intimidated. The noise finally ended as the sun sank down into the crystal clear light blue ocean. I think about the unnatural and mysterious sound. The loud buzzing is definitely unusual because in my 12 years of existence I have never experienced something so peculiar.

    I wake up to the relaxing sound of birds chirping. I turned around looking in the direction of where that strange sound was coming from. In the distance, I noticed a substantial hole in the lush green canopy. I think to myself, what could this possibly be? Maybe throughout the course of the night lighting struck the hill which caused a fire. But it is the rainy season so it couldn’t be. Then, suddenly the sound abruptly starts again. Trees start to tumble over. Birds fly away in a panic searching for a new home. Instead of freaking out, I get curious. I send my coconuts to go investigate. They roll away on the rocky soil heading towards the green hills. 20 minutes go by and they finally emerge from the lush greenery and onto the rocky soil. I ask them, “What is making that huge hole in the canopy?” The coconuts respond by saying, “It’s…it’s the humanoids.” All of a sudden my heart starts pounding. I think about being a small coconut watching my mother getting sawed by the humanoid and her trunk plummeting to the rocky ground. As I got older and older, my mother’s body slowly decomposed and became nutrient-rich soil for me to grow into what I am today.

    I tell the coconuts, “Go jump into the ocean. You will drift for a little bit but eventually, you will wash up on shore where it is safe to grow up into a coconut tree. ” They replied, shouting, “NO, we will not leave!” I got angry and screamed, “Would you rather die or live?” They replied saying “Live!” I responded, “Then jump off the cliff.” Bobela, the oldest of the three, answered saying, “I will not leave! This is our territory. The humanoids invaded our home and they shall pay for that!” Suddenly, an idea starts to form in my head. What if…we killed them? I mean they killed many of us, plants. It’s only fair if we kill them right? It doesn’t seem moral but it’s the only option if we want to stay alive. I tell the coconuts my plan and they all agree. Then Bob, the youngest one asked, “ How do we kill them exactly?” Bobela says, “We should push them into the ocean!” “No,” I say, “They will notice us.” Then Bob says, “What if we climb a tree and fall from the sky and knock the guy out and then we can use his body for compost?” “I mean this soil is very rocky, ” says Bob.
    I exclaimed, “Perfect idea Bob, that’s precisely what we are going to do!”

    The next day I woke up to raindrops falling from the gray puffy clouds. Suddenly, the sound started again. However, this time the noise was tremendously closer. I feel the ground shaking almost as if the world was about to end. The waves become choppy, crashing onto the shore slowly eroding it. Then, in the trees, I could faintly see a humanoid. They seemed to be wearing overalls and a bright yellow hard-shell hat. I take a deep breath in and out and then I ask the coconut, “Are you ready?”
    They reply, “Yeah” in a hesitant voice. Well, then time to go to WAR! The coconuts climbed up on me to get ready to jump down onto the humanoids. Then, I could see the humanoids sawing down a tree, I could only imagine how painful it must be to be slowly cut in half. They started walking towards me, slow and steady. I took a couple of deep breaths. Then, suddenly Bob slipped from one of the branches and fell onto the black rocky ground. Bob landed on a sharp edge of a rock which split him into little pieces. Tears started forming in my eyes as I watched him fall to the ground and die. I cried screaming, “do this for Bob.” I shout, “ONE, TWO, THREE GO!” All of a sudden I see Bobela falling from the sky. She perfectly lands on the humanoid’s head and knocks him out. We all start clapping and cheering! Then, in the distance, I see another humanoid. I start to panic! I take a deep breath to compose myself. I scream at Bobela, “You have to climb up again. I see another humanoid in the distance!” Bobela responds worryingly, “Okay but if I don’t make it this time I have one request. “Please throw my body into the great blue ocean at sunset, which is my favorite time.” I mumbled, “Okay I promise.” Bobela climbs up me and counts to three. She takes a deep breath and then jumps from by branches and onto the humanoid he hits the humanoids but then lands on the same rock that bob did and cracked in half. Tears started pouring out of my eyes, creating a river of tears that flowed into the ocean. The river of tears picked up both Bob and Bobela’s bodies and they both slowly flow into the ocean. I look at the yellow-redish sun as it sinks down into the blue ocean while the gentle waves crash against the lava rock. They sacrificed their life for me. Why? Night becomes day, day becomes night until I decide to just let go.

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