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"We’re Not Alike" is a song I first heard at a mall. I like it because of Tate’s angelic voice and the upbeat tune. The song also reminded me of a recent breakup between my girl friends. I could, in my mind, almost hear their voices ringing in the back of the song. The two were always saying how they were backstabbed. I could imagine them saying, “Said she was a girl's girl that's a lie/ said she had my back, but she had the knife.”

Tate McRae is a Canadian singer, born on July 1st, 2003. Besides having a talent for singing, Tate is also an incredible dancer. She started dancing when she was six years old. She once was able to meet Justin Bieber at the age of twelve,
after becoming one of his dancers.

"We’re Not Alike" is in the album Think Later by Tate McRae, released in December of 2023. The album was Tate’s second studio album. "Greedy," one of the songs in Think Later, made it to the top three most popular songs, which gave Tate a big boost in her career as a singer. Tate McRae is seen continuing to dance and sing away her worries. I truly adore her beautiful voice and wish her the best in accomplishing her dreams and becoming more and more popular.

I recommend this song to anyone who loves pop music. This song in particular doesn’t have any curse words, so it is friendly to all ages on many occasions. Like most of Tate McRae’s songs, the song "We’re Not Alike" has a lot of energy and hype, so it can be one of the best songs played at parties.

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